Curly Standard Place Breeding Contract

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Curly Standard Place
c/o Shelly White
25210 Wildhorse Road
Summerland, BC Canada
V0H 1Z3
250 486-6773

Curly Standard Place BREEDING CONTRACT

Please print this page and mail to us at above address.

Booked to Stallion: *Sandman’s Magic OR *BCF Icon

Today’s Date: ___________________________________

Owner(s) of Mare: ________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________


Phone #: _______________________

Name of Mare: _________________________________________

Breed of Mare: ______________________________ Date of Birth: __________

Registration #: _______________

Mare Sire: ___________________________________________

Mare Dam: ___________________________________________

Date of last foal: _______________

Date of expected 1st service: _________________

Do you want semen transport? Yes____ No____
Frozen semen (only for *Sandman’s Magic) : Yes___ No ____
If yes, please give name, address & telephone # of your veterinarian:





Cost for each collection will be determined by the attending veterinarian, shipping fees will be calculated and charged at cost.  These fees will be payable prior to the shipment of semen.

For your information – here is a link to a really excellent webpage about using transported semen. Being informed and knowledgeable on this process will really contribute to success the first time around and it is highly recommended that you have a look, or type in this link:  Semen will be delivered to your veterinarian and the mare owner will assume all costs incurred for this service.

The mare is required to have a clean culture and cytology prior to breeding.  This will help to ensure that she will be able to conceive.  If this is not done prior to her arrival at our farm for breeding, the stallion owner or agent will have the mare checked by the farm veterinarian for normal breeding condition, the cost of which the mare owner shall pay.  If further vet care such as examinations and/or treatments due to breeding problems, illness or accidents of mare and/or foal are necessary, the mare owner agrees to pay the fees for such services.

The stallion owners or agents shall assume no liability for any injury, disability, or death suffered by any mare or foal, but will exercise every reasonable effort and good judgment in care and supervision. The mare owner shall assume no liability for any injury, disability, or death of the stallion.

Stud fees are due and payable after breeding, but prior to mare leaving our farm.
It is agreed that should the stallion or mare die or become unfit for service, this contract is and shall become null and void.

For live cover rear shoes must be removed.

The stallion owner reserves the right to reject any mare.

For live cover and fresh shipped semen the stud fee for either stallion, *BCF Icon or *Sandman’s Magic is $800.00 Canadian, of which $200.00 is a pre-paid, non-refundable booking fee.  For live cover and fresh shipped semen there is a live foal guarantee.  If the mare fails to conceive from this breeding, the mare owner is entitled to a return service the same or the following year for the above mare or an approved substitute, owned by the aforementioned mare owner.  The mare owner agrees to pay the booking fee, board, collection fees and veterinarian costs for the return service.

All booking, board and vet fees are payable at the end of each month, and are payable before the mare leaves the farm. Mare care: $12.00 (GST included) per day ($3.00 per day extra for nursing foal).

*Sandman’s Magic ONLY – for frozen semen (only available in Europe and Australia) the breeding fee is $1300.00 Canadian, plus shipping from the storage facility to your location.  For frozen semen each breeding purchased will include enough semen to breed one mare three times or three mares one time (this is the industry standard).  If multiple conceptions are achieved there will be no further payment owing to the stallion owner, but the stallion owner must be notified of additional conceptions in order to file a breeding report with the registries.  There is no live foal guarantee offered with frozen semen (this is also industry standard).

Signed (mare owner):__________________________Date:__________________

(stallion owner):_____________________________Date:__________________