*BCF Icon - one of our Quality Stallions


Pictured here is our 2009 Curly stallion *BCF Icon. He has the good looks, conformation and way of going and an amazing temperament which he is passing on to his offspring.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Curlies! This is the place where dreams come true for people who suffer from allergies to regular horses!

Curlies are known to be hypo-allergenic. What this means is that if you suffer from an allergy to horses, you may be able to enjoy horses again or pursue a life long dream to have a horse.

Hypoallergenic, by definition, means "having little likelihood of having an allergic response", and this is exactly what we have found to be true in our case.

For more information we invite you to contact us:
Shelly White, Summerland, BC, Canada.
Visitors always welcome! Phone: 250 486-6773, Email.

So what is so special about these curly horses anyway?

Well, to start with THEY ARE HYPOALLERGENIC!!!

Now unless and until you or someone you know has an allergy to horses this may not be significant to you. My daughter is severely allergic to horses and without these amazing horses well, we could not have horses at all, they are something of a miracle for our family! Please check out what Anastasia has to say about her horse *Cuervo.


Picture 046flip.jpg

Pictured here is my daughter's horse *Cuervo - he is the best all around horse ever. He does lessons for beginners, he has been shown successfully in dressage, jumping, flat classes, 4H, Pony Club, he is an AWESOME trail horse and for two seasons he packed my son Shane in our Endurance Rides - and let me tell you, he has impressed some of the veterinarians at the endurance rides with his low pulse rates and overall quiet and easy going temperament!

And this is the secondary, BUT EQUALLY IMPORTANT thing that we discovered about these horses, they are just so easy going, trainable, fun to ride, safe, non-spooky, gentle, all around horses that will just try their heart out for their humans - they really are a dream come true - not only for allergy sufferers, but for anyone who wants a solid, wonderful riding partner!

Please enjoy some cherished moments with our special horses!

And you can always see what we are up to on BLOG.

*Sandman's Magic


This is our senior stallion *Sandman's Magic - he is showing here at the Kelowna Dressage Show where he placed very well in First Level.

*Sandman is available for live cover, shipped fresh semen and frozen semen to all of Europe and Australia.
Please inquire.

Here is a link to some more photos of him, he is an excellent mover, really good conformation, large bone and a superb temperament.

*Sandman is a proven, quality Hypoallergenic Curly Sporthorse Stallion with a wonderful sooty dun colour. He is strongly suspected to be homozygous for Curls - which means he has produced 100% Curly foals to date, even when bred to many smooth coated Curlies and non curly mares.



*Sandman is triple registered:
American Bashkir Curly No. 2962
International Curly Horse Organization No. 215-D
Curly Sporthorse International No. C00554-00

I get a lot of people inquiring about *Sandman's tail (or lack thereof - LOL) and his "extreme" traits (mane, tail, curl characteristics). First of all, this trait NEVER passes on when he is crossed with a non curly or a smooth coated Curly mare, these progeny all have full manes and tails and 100% of them are Curly! For further explanation please click here and/or if you have more questions about it I encourage you to email or call me - I'm always happy to chat about my Curlies!

Please contact us at:
Shelly White, Summerland, BC, Canada.
Visitors always welcome! Phone: 250 486-6773, Email.


*BCF Icon - Curly Sporthorse deluxe!

Icon canter right 2.jpg

*BCF Icon, our 2009 Black and White Tobiano Curly stallion is be available for a limited book. His book fills ups early so please contact us at your earliest convenience for booking information.

*BCF Icon comes to us from the outstanding and well known breeding program of Lisa Wytiaz of Bashcurl Farm 2. *Icon is the best of the best, he has outstanding conformation and movement, an impeccable temperament, he is 16hh and look at all that colour!

*Icon is registered with four registries:
International Curly Horse Organization No.1436-D
Curly Sporthorse International No. C00649-09
Canadian Pinto Horse Association No. P3054
Pinto Association of American, Inc. No 141786

All foals from him will be eligible to be registered with all four of these registries.