When *Shohsei (show-say) was born I had a Japanese friend visiting me and I asked her to help me name him, she asked her Dad for some help and they came up with *Shohsei got. 翔星号。”sho” means a bird spreading it’s wings and soars high in the sky and  “sei” is a star.

 *Shohsei (show-say) is a soaring star and it really suits him!  He is a full sibling to our lovely 2010 mare *Shantilly Lace and as such we fully expect him to mature to at least 16hh and he already shows the wonderful dispostion that we have come to expect from our *Sandman’s Magic offspring!
Video from January 2017
Video from Summer 2016 of *Shohsei
Big and beautiful, *Shohsei is really looking for his forever person – he has such a puppy dog disposition!  Proudly offered for sale, $3500.00 Canadian, terms always available on our horses.
UPDATE:  *Shohsei is sold!
Shosei and Lacey trot left Shosei trot left Shosei pretty head Shohsei front  Shohsei trot right
Shohsei pretty head